Police Arrest Child Pornography Suspect

On October 27, 2010, Chandler Police arrested 45 year old David Robert Morris of Phoenix, charging him with 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

During a proactive investigation, the Chandler Police Computer Crimes Unit obtained information Morris was peddling child porn.  On October 27, 2010, with help from Phoenix Police, Morris was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor.  A subsequent investigation revealed Morris was molesting children and making child porn videos with his victims in his home located in the 3800 West block of Acapulco Lane in Phoenix.  Though we do not have information about further victims, police are concerned there may be other children who have been victimized by Morris.  The Phoenix Police Department has assumed the child molestation investigation where Morris faces an additional seven counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

The Chandler Police Department is encouraging anyone with information about this investigation to call 480-782-4130. If you reside in Phoenix, contact the Phoenix Police Department at 602-262-6151.