Father Charged With Child Abuse

Chance KrackeChance Kracke was arrested on August 26, 2010 following an incident that had occurred on August 16, 2010, where Chance had placed his 7-month-old son in a freezer. When interviewed, Chance told police he was high on methamphetamine on August 16, 2010. He went into the kitchen to make himself some food, while he held his son in his arms. While he prepared his food, he placed his son on the bottom shelf of the freezer and closed the door. After about a minute or two he heard his son crying, so he opened the door and placed him on the floor. The boy had a laceration on his forehead possibly from the freezer door closing on him. Chance told police he put his son in the freezer because the kitchen floor was too dirty to place him on it.

Chance was arrested on August 26,2010, for Child Abuse and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of animal cruelty.