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Criminal Investigations Bureau

Computer Crimes Unit

(About this Unit)

The Computer Crimes Unit provided support and investigation within the Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) at the Chandler Police Department (CPD). Members of the unit supported CIB and patrol by performing forensic examinations on various types of devices and digital media that were integral in prosecution. The unit drafted and served numerous search warrants and provided technical assistance, training, and support to patrol and other CIB units. The unique capabilities of the Computer Crimes Unit made them a resource to not only CPD but outside agencies as well.

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Computer Crimes Unit detectives investigated internet-based crimes against children, taught internet safety classes to parents and guardians, and conducted proactive investigations and other specialized investigations involving the exploitation of minors. Cases investigated by the unit in 2019 included:

  • The investigation and arrest of one child exploitation suspect who shared material through social media platforms led detectives to discover other hand-on crimes committed by the suspect as well as to identify 15 additional suspects located in other states and countries. This investigation has resulted in multiple arrests.
  • A child exploitation investigation led detectives to an additional suspect with a prior sex offense. A search of his residence uncovered both downloaded child exploitation material as well as self-produced stalking footage. His arrest put an end to the escalation of his deviant behavior and prevented him from committing more serious crimes.
  • Computer Crimes detectives were tasked with writing warrants for a major Property Crimes investigation for multiple suspect devices and collecting, interpreting, and monitoring the requested data. The unit provided additional support by conducting forensic examinations of electronic devices on scene at the execution of the warrant.
  • A proactive investigation located a suspect actively downloading and sharing child exploitation material. Detectives discovered countless illegal images and videos on the suspect’s computer. The suspect admitted to possessing the material and received ten years in prison for his crimes.

Due to rapidly changing technology, Computer Crimes Unit detectives utilized every opportunity to enhance their skills. The unit received a grant from the Internet Crimes Against Children’s (ICAC) Taskforce, which provided training and equipment to support all investigations and support roles.


Criminal Intelligence Unit

In 2019, the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) continued its mission to gather and disseminate criminal intelligence and counter-terrorism information for Chandler Police Department (CPD).  CIU’s primary function was to investigate intelligence leads on suspected criminal activity and terror threats and develop those leads into criminal enforcement projects. This effort is aided by assignments of CPD detectives to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, the East Valley Fusion Center, and the National Operations Center. Cooperation with our partners at the local, state, and federal levels ensured accurate and timely dissemination of important intelligence.

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Some highlights of the hard work and dedication of the CIU detectives included:

  • The CIU-A-Level terrorism detective secured $104,000 in federal grant funding for sustainability of existing programs and new technology.
  • CIU created a monthly intelligence report and developed a Field Training Officer program.
  • Detectives conducted numerous security details for dignitaries and special events throughout the City of Chandler.

The CIU performed an essential role in gathering and disseminating the necessary information to lead CPD in intelligence-led policing. The unit’s role in the department was instrumental in providing intelligence that ensured the safety of Chandler citizens.


Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit (FCU) carried one of the heaviest caseloads within the Criminal Investigations Bureau in 2019. Arrests made by the FCU revolved around retail theft and fraud investigations and included crimes committed across several jurisdictions throughout Arizona.

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Cases investigated by the unit in 2019 included:

  • A suspect responsible for 29 separate incidents with a loss of nearly $60,000 to retailers throughout Arizona was arrested by FCU and charged with multiple felonies.
  • A suspect linked to 31 cases with a loss of over $6,000 was arrested and charges were filed with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO).
  • FCU detectives utilized investigative tools to prove a victim’s stock broker had stolen almost $160,000 for his personal use. The suspect was arrested and charged for his crime.


Gang Enforcement Unit

(About this Unit)

Over the past year, the Gang Enforcement Unit (GEU) investigated gang-related crimes and remained proactive in gang suppression. Detectives gathered and disseminated intelligence internally and externally with local, state, and federal partners. The GEU made 168 arrests, 81 of which were gang members. GEU continued to pursue career criminals and made arrests of members and associates of the Arizona Mexican Mafia.

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GEU identified an increase in outlaw motorcycle gang activity and worked alongside east valley law enforcement partners to formulate a response. Additionally, the unit identified suspects, established felony crimes, and made arrests within a newly formed “hybrid” gang comprised of members of various gangs.

GEU provided support for other units of the Chandler Police Department (CPD) Criminal Investigation Bureau and patrol.

In 2019, The Gang Enforcement Unit’s accomplishments included:

  • GEU provided support to the FBI by arresting an Aryan Brotherhood member.
  • GEU participated in Operation Street Sweeper which resulted in 15 arrests.
  • GEU assisted the CPD Narcotics Unit in high-end drug seizures including 183 pounds of methamphetamine.
  • The unit participated in four multi-agency gang details along with 15 other agencies.
  • The unit made 11 gang member arrests for narcotics and gun charges.
  • GEU located eight stolen vehicles.
  • The Gang Enforcement Unit cleared 86 warrants.

The GEU worked directly with the newly formed Intelligence-Led Prosecution Unit at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to identify and submit cases on 13 career criminals.

GEU participated in community outreach and education by presenting on gang related issues at Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods (ICAN), Chandler Unified School District, the Arizona Cardinals Organization, and local colleges. GEU conducted a “proactive patrol” class for CPD and other agencies as well as participated in a Gang Liaison Officer (GLO) class. The GEU sergeant and a detective are board members on the Arizona Gang Investigators Association.



Human Trafficking & Vice Unit

(About this Unit)

The mission of the Human Trafficking Unit is to investigate and prosecute individuals and organizations that engage in sex trafficking, prostitution, child prostitution, luring, and pandering.  Throughout 2019, the unit continued to pursue this mission in order to do their part in combating this impactful issue. The Human Trafficking Unit continued its partnership with the FBI’s Greater Phoenix Area Human Trafficking Task Force by assigning a detective to the task force.

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With a collaborative approach which includes criminal prosecution and community outreach, the Human Trafficking Unit held criminal offenders responsible for their actions and provided much needed resources to victims. Human Trafficking Unit successes during 2019 included:

  • The Human Trafficking Unit conducted several prostitution reduction operations that targeted those who wish to purchase prostitution in the City of Chandler.
  • The unit participated in a multi-agency operation that targeted prostitution and child exploitation in Mesa and Chandler and resulted in several arrests and a victim rescue.
  • The unit conducted two investigations that resulted in the arrests of two predators that were charged with Child Sex Trafficking after attempting to engage in sexual activities with children.
  • After a months-long investigation, a suspect was arrested for human trafficking violations and was charged with several felonies. This investigation also aided two female victims who were abused by the suspect.
  • As experts in their field, members of the unit are frequently called upon to conduct human trafficking training for other law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organizations. This year, presentations were given to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, the Chandler Police Department’s Citizens and Guardians Academies, and the Department’s Advanced Officer Training (AOT) sessions.
  • In an effort to ensure the health and safety of our residents, the Human Trafficking Unit routinely monitored massage parlor businesses in the City of Chandler. In 2019, a number of investigations were conducted which resulted in several arrests for non-compliance and other related violations.


Narcotics Unit

In 2019, the Narcotics Unit had a direct impact in the community by addressing street-level narcotic sales and identifying larger drug trafficking organizations. To accomplish these goals, the Narcotics Unit utilized the actionable intelligence approach and developed partnerships. The unit worked closely with patrol to gather information and special investigations to target narcotics offenders. This process led to numerous arrests, significant seizures, and information about large scale drug trafficking organizations operating in the City of Chandler.

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The Narcotics Unit developed and sustained partnerships with federal partners including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Each partnership provided access to unique and valuable resources that enhance the unit’s capabilities.

Highlights of the Narcotics Unit in 2019 included:

  • The Narcotics Unit conducted a large scale operation resulting in two arrests, the seizure of over 6,000 fentanyl pills, 14 pounds of heroin, currency, and a gun.
  • During highway interdiction, the unit arrested three individuals in possession of a kilo of methamphetamine.
  • One case led to three arrests and the discovery of over one pound of methamphetamine and 150 fentanyl pills.
  • A two-month undercover investigation led detectives to discover four drug houses on the same street. Simultaneous search warrants resulted in nine arrests and large quantities of methamphetamine.
  • The Narcotics Unit assisted the Robbery & Homicide Unit with a homicide investigation for two weeks by collecting evidence, arresting four suspects, and aiding in prosecution.
  • An undercover operation led to two search warrants, two arrests, 130 marijuana plants, two pounds of marijuana, and 84 grams of wax.
  • The Narcotics Unit executed a search warrant that resulted in an arrest and the seizure of 137 fentanyl pills, nearly 3 grams of wax, and currency.
  • The unit discovered 3,500 fentanyl pills and three guns, including a sub-machine gun, which resulted in the arrest of three suspects.
  • The Narcotics Unit worked with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Imperial County Narcotics task Force out of California to arrest two cartel suspects and seize 183 pounds of methamphetamine.


Property Crimes Unit

Property Crimes Unit investigates criminal incidents such as residential, commercial, and vehicular burglaries. In 2019, the Property Crimes Unit maintained a proactive stance in their efforts to deter, detect, and successfully prosecute criminals who engaged in these crimes.

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Notable Property Crimes Unit cases in 2019 included:

  • Several homes were burglarized under similar circumstances and some of the stolen appliances were posted on social media for sale. Detectives identified the burglary suspect. The suspect was charged with nine counts each of burglary, trafficking in stolen property, and possession of stolen property.
  • The Property Crimes Unit responded to an uptick in vehicle burglaries. Detectives caught three juveniles at a burglary in progress who were positively identified as suspects by the witness. Detectives strengthened the case with evidence placing the suspects at the scene of multiple attempted vehicle burglaries as well as discovering evidence of possible fraudulent prescriptions. The juveniles were released to their parents with numerous pending felony charges.
  • The Property Crimes Unit worked a seven-month investigation on the trafficking of stolen baby formula. Detectives gathered intelligence to discover the formula was being purchased and shipped to California. During the investigation, it was estimated that 25,047 cans of formula were shipped with a value of $425,807. While the case in California is still under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security, Chandler detectives arrested several suspects for organized retail felony charges and were recognized by the Arizona Retailers Association for their work.


Robbery and Homicide Unit

In 2019, the Robbery & Homicide Unit investigated five homicides, 27 suicides, and 14 accidental drug overdoses. All five homicide investigations resulted in an arrest.

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Some notable cases investigated by the unit in 2019 included:

  • A male victim was shot multiple times and killed. Within 15 days the Robbery & Homicide Unit indicted two suspects on first degree murder.
  • A male victim was found deceased in a Chandler residence backyard from a gunshot wound. After detectives discovered the shooting was the result of an ongoing feud, the suspect turned himself in claiming self-defense.
  • A male victim was shot and killed by his brother-in-law after a verbal altercation turned physical. The suspect claimed self-defense and the case is still pending.
  • A husband claimed he accidentally shot his wife while unloading his handgun at their residence. The suspect was cooperative and the case was submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review.
  • Three individuals were shot by a male family member. One victim died while the other two survived. The suspect was arrested the morning following the shooting and charged.
  • After a two-year investigation of a case directly related to two Phoenix murders and one attempted murder, several high ranking members of the Mexican Mafia were indicted on conspiracy to commit murder, participation in a criminal syndicate, and other felonies.

The Robbery & Homicide Unit continued to provide exceptional service to the citizens of Chandler. The unit’s clearance rate for violent crimes exceeded the national average and contributed to the City of Chandler’s title as one of the safest big-cities in the United States.


Special Victims Unit

In 2019, the Special Victims Unit (SVU) was comprised of the Sex Crimes Unit and the Family Crimes Unit.  The two units combined investigated over 600 cases involving serious crimes of physical and/or sexual abuse committed against adults and children.  In addition, the unit oversees the registration and notifications of 187 registered sex offenders living within the City of Chandler. SVU partnered with the Victims Services Unit, Department of Child Safety, forensic nurse examiners, and many other organizations on a daily basis while conducting these investigations.

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SVU detectives participated on the Arizona Child Abduction Response Team (AZ CART), a multi-jurisdictional team tasked with responding across the state to missing or endangered child critical events. Once a month, SVU participated in multi-disciplinary team meetings where government professionals and social service agencies identified gaps in the systems and avenues to assist in the investigation and prosecution for future cases.

The Family Advocacy Center (FAC) added two Office of Child Welfare Investigators (OCWIs) from the Department of Child Safety. This addition brought the FAC to full capacity and functionality. SVU worked closely with the OCWIs to provide timely services and to protect the children involved.

This year, SVU began the Therapy Canine Program with a female Labradoodle named “Annie.”  The program was designed to provide emotional support for victims. Annie has been utilized for over 130 contacts to assist both adult and child victims of serious crimes while going through the investigative process.

SVU and Robbery & Homicide Unit detectives created a Cold Case Registry to review cold cases and utilize new technologies to solve homicides and sexual assaults.  These efforts led to the development of new investigative leads and evidence resulting in prosecution on several cold cases, which include the following:

  • In 1986, an adult female victim was sexually assaulted. An unknown DNA profile was submitted through investigative genealogy and led to the identification of the perpetrator.
  • A case was reopened after the suspect was located in Mexico on an active arrest warrant issued in 1998. The suspect was arrested at the Phoenix Airport upon extradition and booked into jail for one count of Sexual Conduct with a Minor.
  • Sexual assault examinations kits for two separate investigations from 1997 were sent for DNA testing, resulting in the development of a single unknown profile in 2002. After receiving an identity match from the DPS Crime Lab, SVU arrested and charged the suspect for sexually assaulting the two Chandler women.
  • An unknown male sexually assaulted a young adult female at her apartment. The victim was able to activate her Emergency SOS button on her cell phone, and completed a composite sketch of her attacker. The DNA obtained led to the identification of a suspect and he was arrested on numerous sex offense charges.


Victim Services Unit

(About this Unit)

The Chandler Family Advocacy Center has been operating since July of 2018.  This is a victim-centered facility where comprehensive, investigative services take place.  In the Family Advocacy Center, the Victim Services Unit (VSU) worked alongside patrol officers, detectives from the Special Victims Unit and Homicide Unit, Honor Health forensic nurse examiners, members of the Department of Child Safety and Office of Child Welfare, Crisis Interventionists, and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Forensic Interviewers to aid crime victims.  In July 2019, Annie, the Family Advocacy Center’s emotional support canine, began interacting with adults and children at the Family Advocacy Center.  Within six months, Annie met with 130 individuals.

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During 2019, the VSU provided over 8,000 services to 1,011 victims of all crime types.  The unit worked with victims and families of several felony cases, including 324 victims of child sexual abuse, 105 victims of aggravated assaults, 56 victims of adult sexual assault, 45 victims of child physical assault, and 6 victims of child pornography.  VSU worked closely with detectives on high profile cases, attended arraignment hearings, and provided support during the trial and sentencing hearings where victims presented their victim impact statements before the court.

The unit also assisted sexual assault victims of cold cases, even traveling out of state to be present during the investigative process to provide emotional support.  Along with providing individual assistance to the crime victims, the unit continued to work collaboratively with agencies in the community, some 2019 examples include:

  • Hosted the 11th Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Breakfast
  • Hosted City of Chandler Domestic Violence Commission
  • Partnered with the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD), Kaity’s Way, and the Domestic Violence Commission to educate teens about healthy relationships
  • Assisted the East Valley Crisis Intervention Team in their instruction on how to de-escalate individuals with mental health issues, veterans, and people with autism and dementia. Partnered with mental health and criminal justice professionals who for treatment for opiate use through the I AM Project in Chandler.
  • VSU and A. Tom Wood Realty hosted the 3rd annual community Teddy Bear drive in which the community donated 400 stuffed animals for child crime victims.