Introduction by the Chief of Police Read/Hide Transcript I am pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report. Last year, the men and women of the Chandler Police Department continued to carry out our mission of ensuring Chandler remains one of … Continued


Awards and Recognition Each March, the Chandler Police Department holds a recognition ceremony for exceptional performers among its employees during the previous year. Retirees  

Quarterly Awards 2017

2017 Quarterly Awards Recipients .

In Memorium

Field Operations Section – 2017

Desert Breeze Precinct As 2017 closed, members of the Desert Breeze Precinct reflected on another year of service, dedication, and accomplishments. Throughout the year, Desert Breeze focused on improving the overall quality of life for citizens and businesses within the Precinct. … Continued

Police Administration – 2017

Media Relations Unit The Chandler Police Public Information Office (PIO) serves all local and national media members, citizens and internal customers with a variety of duties.  Members of the PIO Unit were instrumental in organizing the Department’s Annual Awards Ceremony, … Continued

Support Services – 2017

Support Services The Police Property & Evidence Unit receives and disposes a wide variety of property items that are found, held for safekeeping or seized during an investigation.  During this past year, there were over 24,000 items received and over … Continued

Forensic Services Section – 2017

Forensic Services Section Employee Milestone Tammy McIlveen celebrated her 20th anniversary as a Crime Scene Technician with the Chandler Police Department. Tammy is the first Crime Scene Technician to reach this milestone. She began her journey in 1997 when the … Continued

Planning & Research – 2017

Planning & Research Section (About this Section) This year has been very productive for the Planning & Research Section.  Among the accomplishments is the completion of a project that was recommended by a recently commissioned master plan study.  This study, … Continued

Communications – 2017

Communications Section The Chandler Police Communications Section answered just over 339,000 emergency and non-emergency phone calls in 2017, a slight decrease from 2016.  ASAP to PSAP, the automated alarm notifications designed to replace voice call notifications added 3,184 automated contacts … Continued