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Planning & Research Section

(About this Section)

This year has been very productive for the Planning & Research Section.  Among the accomplishments is the completion of a project that was recommended by a recently commissioned master plan study.  This study, facilitated by Planning & Research, outlined a number of facility improvements necessary to carry the Police Department through the City’s build-out.  A master plan project, titled “Impound Unit Remodel,” was completed in the spring of 2017.  This project converted a large open office space, previously occupied by building inspectors, into a more private and secure transaction space for the public and staff to conduct vehicle impound hearings. Renovations included a pass-through transactions window for securely making payments and exchanging documents; a bullet resistant barrier; and a separate room off the main lobby for the privacy of citizens while their hearing is taking place.  The staff area was previously separated by a solid block wall from the lobby reception and administrative staff.  The renovation added a doorway to connect these two staff working areas for easier access and mutual support and assistance.

The Planning & Research Crime Analysis & Research Unit (CARU) is responsible for the Crime Analysis Internship program. Ongoing requirements of interviews, background checks, and turn-over at each semester (Fall and Spring), had proven to be challenging for an in-depth internship experience. Interns were assisting in crime analysis efforts but improvements were made to enhance the program.  Recognizing the value of the internship program for both the Department and the students, this new model created in 2017 now includes a six credit hour option. This option has provided a more comprehensive experience for the interns as well as increasing the analytical benefit to CARU due to reduced percentage of training hours per intern.  The interns can now focus on special projects in addition to assisting with daily crime analysis products and research.

This year, Planning and Research conducted a number of studies to determine staffing needs and aid with budget requests.  Further, as a result of a staffing efficiency study and use of predictive staffing analysis, a significant schedule change was implemented in early 2017 for Patrol officers.  Early analysis of the first six months indicates financial benefits associated with reduced overtime due to a decreased need for absent employee relief.

Fourteen new grants were awarded to the Police Department in 2017. When combined with all other active grants, the value exceeded $950,000.  Planning and Research administered these grants as well as 48 Intergovernmental Agreements/Memorandum of Understandings totaling almost $1.4 million.

GIS (geographic information systems) Day is an annual international event celebrated by organizations, institutions and communities across the globe.  Events provide a forum for users of GIS data and tools to demonstrate and discuss how geospatial technologies are improving the ways by which humans interact with, understand, protect, organize and manage space.  In 2017, the Crime Analysis and Research Unit participated with presentations at the City of Chandler GIS Day as well as ASU GIS Day hosted by the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub.

On August 15th, the Chandler Police Department hosted the quarterly meeting for the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners – Southwest Chapter.  Attendees were treated to a presentation by Chandler Forensic Scientist Andrea Buller. Her presentation was titled: Heroin & Other Opioids – The Problem is Close to Home.    Additionally, Scottsdale PD presented naloxone training and the group discussed new Arizona reporting requirements related to drug overdoses.  To celebrate #cityhallselfie day, the group posed for this great photo in front of the Chandler Police Department.