Quarterly Awards 2016

2016 Quarterly Awards Recipients

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Operational Support Bureau

Operational Support Bureau Detention Services Unit During 2016, the Detention Services Unit (DSU) was able to streamline booking and holding procedures for the Gilbert Chandler Unified Holding Facility (GCUHF).  This year, the Unit processed over 7,000 detainees which is a … Continued

Police Technology Section

Police Technology Section Year 2016 brought about many changes by the Police Department Technology Section. The Department’s Records Management System (RMS) was upgraded to a new release that includes “tree view” (hierarchal) navigation, event trending analysis, mapping, and many other … Continued

Communications Section

Communications Section This year, Chandler Police Communications saw an increase in utilization of the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol to Public Safety Answering Point (ASAP to PSAP) technology that began implementation in March of 2015.  This interface allows for near instant … Continued

Planning & Research

Planning & Research Section This year has been very productive for the Planning & Research Section.  Among the accomplishments is the completion of two projects that were recommended by a recently commissioned master plan study.  This study, facilitated by Planning … Continued

Forensic Services Section

Forensic Services Section A major accomplishment this year is that all Crime Scene Technician II’s and Crime Scene Supervisors have successfully obtained their individual crime scene certification through the International Association for Identification.  This accomplishment required each employee to have … Continued

Support Services

Support Services The Police Property & Evidence Unit receives and disposes a wide variety of property items that are found, held for safekeeping or seized during an investigation.  During this past year, there were over 21,000 items received and over … Continued