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Police Technology Section

Year 2016 brought about many changes by the Police Department Technology Section. The Department’s Records Management System (RMS) was upgraded to a new release that includes “tree view” (hierarchal) navigation, event trending analysis, mapping, and many other ease-of-use improvements.  Additionally, an electronic ticketing module was placed in production which allows officers to swipe driver’s licenses and vehicle registration information into the system to speed up the ticket-writing process.  This not only makes it possible for tickets to be written without pen and paper, but also transfers the ticket information to the courts electronically – facilitating a single point-of-entry with fewer data entry errors.

The Section is particularly proud of its internally developed “PDInfo” employee intranet system.  It was originally rolled out in 2015, but many enhancements were implemented in 2016.  Meant to be a single source information system for employees, PDInfo replaced a number of existing databases and hard-copy reports.  Additionally, this system provides supervisors with a tool for sending automated phone and/or text notifications to employees

The ChandlerPD.com public web site was also enhanced this year with an “Online Reporting” module.  Utilizing this feature, citizens can enter information and obtain a police report over the internet.  It is primarily designed to be used for property crimes in which face-to-face contact with police officers is not necessary.  In these situations, crimes cannot be in progress, and there can be no known suspect information.  Further, this option is meant to enhance customer service by providing a convenience to the citizen.  For any crime report, the Department will always take a report in person if preferred by the victim.  However, this new feature provides an alternative option to community members for making a police report.