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Chandler Names New Assistant Chief

In October of 2016, the Department was pleased to announce that Chandler Police Commander Dale Walters is to become Chandler’s newest Assistant Police Chief.

In 1995, Dale became a member of the Chandler Police Department after serving five years as a Deputy with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department.  As an officer, he worked in Patrol, serving as a Field Training Officer.  He also served as a narcotics detective and as a detective in the Professional Standards Section where he was assigned as an Internal Affairs Investigator.

Dale was promoted to sergeant in 2000 and supervised a patrol team until 2001 when he was reassigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau as the Narcotics Unit sergeant.  He spent the next six years working local narcotics incidents and major narcotics conspiracy cases, some of which spanned the country.

In 2007, Dale was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and assigned to the Patrol Division as a shift commander. He helped open the Chandler Heights Precinct and was later assigned to the Community Resources Section where he managed Training, Crime Prevention, School Resources, and the Volunteers.

In 2010, Dale was promoted to the rank of commander and assigned as the Field Operations Main Station Precinct Commander.  In July of 2013, he assumed command of the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

Throughout his career, Dale has been actively involved in training law enforcement officers and community members in a variety of topics.  He continues to mentor Department members and police applicants and dedicates time to community events, programs, and organizations.

Professional Standards

The Internal Affairs Unit oversees the handling of all internal investigations, as well as internal and external complaints.  In 2016, the Unit has logged 10 external complaints, 26 internal complaints, 107 counseling statements, five Early Intervention Programs, and one firearm discharge investigation. This Unit has also taught 15 internal investigation classes this year.

The Background & Audits Unit handles all aspects of recruiting, hiring and pre-employment background checks.  In Fiscal Year 2015-16, in anticipation of the retirement of a large number of police officers, the City approved over twenty “early hire” officer positions.  In 2016, the Background & Audits Unit was instrumental in filling these positions so that police officer recruits could begin their year-long hiring and training process.  Further, the Unit facilitated over 15 recruitment processes for positions ranging from detention officer to dispatcher to range instructor.  Chandler is fortunate to have an in-house polygrapher to assist with the hiring process.  In 2016, he completed 88 pre-employment polygraph exams for the Department.  Members of this Unit also conducted 26 audits in 2016, ensuring quality control and confirming that Department and CALEA standards are met.

The Accreditation Manager oversees all components of the re-accreditation process. There are 484 accreditation proofs of compliance required by CALEA for the Department to maintain its accredited status.  In 2016, the Department performed 110 policy revisions.

By investing in the future and maintaining best practices, the Chandler Police Department will continue to instill citizen and employee confidence in the Department and position itself as a world class organization.



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  Duggan, Sean

Sean Duggan

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Dale Walters

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