Our Mission: To provide a safe community where people can live, work, and thrive.

Police Technology Section

2017 brought about many changes by the Police Department Technology Section. The Department’s Records Management System (RMS) was upgraded to a new release that includes “tree view” (hierarchal) navigation, event trending analysis, mapping, and many other ease-of-use improvements.  Additionally, the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system upgrade is underway and scheduled for completion the end of January 2018.

As the result of an upcoming Victim Services expansion, PD Technology was required to evacuate its computer training room.  A reconfiguration of space occurred in order to fit a new training room in an area once occupied by four large cubicles.  Since its completion, this room has been utilized daily to train its 600 users and volunteers on computer and information systems used at the Department.

The Police Department’s internally developed “PDInfo” employee intranet system has continued to show improvements with better searching capabilities.  This includes the capability to search all documents and attachments that are stored for reference.  This also allows for searching of the Department’s General Orders and other manuals – something that couldn’t be done when stored on a network share drive.  PDInfo now includes all internal personnel data, fleet management and service ticket tracking, an enhanced emergency notification system, and many more features and enhancements that assist Department employees in doing their jobs.

The new data.ChandlerPD.com public web site was created this year with the addition of the “Open Data” module for transparency.  The public can now download the information from Department databases and do their own analyses. The categories of data available include all calls for service, arrest reports, and general reports, which are the key formal documentation of incidents occurring within Chandler.  Each of these categories can be browsed in a datasheet format online, downloaded in its entirety, or visualized through Tableau public online analysis tools.  Additionally, members of the media, research organizations, or anyone with a desire and tools can also connect computer to computer and automatically download the data through a provided Application Programming Interface (API).  This allows users to integrate the City of Chandler’s data into their data sets and reporting.