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Forensic Services Section

A major accomplishment this year is that all Crime Scene Technician II’s and Crime Scene Supervisors have successfully obtained their individual crime scene certification through the International Association for Identification.  This accomplishment required each employee to have worked full time performing crime scene related activities for at least one year, complete Crime Scene Certification Board approved continuing education courses, and pass a written examination.  The Crime Scene Unit responded to 5,116 calls for service in 2016.

The Forensic Science Unit kept busy this year.  The Unit’s forensic scientists processed 614 blood-alcohol cases and 638 controlled substance analyses.  Also, the latent fingerprint examiners conducted 1,758 latent print analyses and derived 672 Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) hits.  These “hits” generate latent print comparisons that may identify investigative leads in criminal cases.


2016 Science Spectacular: An Experience to Remember

The Forensics Services Section participated in its 5th year of the City of Chandler’s “Science Spectacular” event. Each year, the section creates a new “CSI” experience for attendees.  Over 300 visitors were “wowed” at the “CSI” experience.  This year, the experience included a mock crime scene where the participants observed different types of evidence. Participant’s walked through the “crime scene” which was located inside the back of a van. With the aid of a “black light,” junior investigators were able to observe shoe wear impressions, fingerprints and various liquids that glowed.  Upon completion of the mock scene, the participants then stepped into a “Lab” to see how the results obtained from the crime scene are analyzed.  Three sections were covered this year:  the first display showed the various mediums used to obtain shoe wear impressions-comparative photography, gel lifts, and casting; the second discussed the various PH balances of liquids; and the final stop was the fingerprints display. Feedback from the attendee’s demonstrated that, once again, this was a popular and successful event.  Many repeat visitors from previous years commented that they are already looking forward to the experience next year.